Nueces County needs great leadership so that we might realize our true potential (just like any great company requires a strong CEO to succeed).  Other regions have flourished, but our communities’ prosperity seems to come at a snail’s pace.  I believe that we can do better.  I’ve owned successful businesses, and served on many civic and other non-profit boards.  Most recently, my years of service as a Commissioner for the Port of Corpus Christi have delivered sustainable business growth and development for our county.  I am confident that my business background, diversity in my civic engagement, and my leadership skills will bring about new growth, higher paying jobs, and provide for better county facilities and services for us all.

What Matters to Me
  • Great leaders seize the moments (rather than miss opportunities)
  • A strong Nueces County Judge must fully understand the county’s resources, and then advocate for and secure new business growth that will succeed (thus growing the tax base)
  • A strong Nueces County Judge must efficiently manage all county services and departments
  • I have lived in Corpus Christi almost all of my life. I am a Petroleum Engineer, an attorney, a business woman, and a mother of five (5) adult children – and I am ready to lead

Economic Development

Nueces County has so many valuable resources that offer grand opportunities.  As your Nueces County Judge, I will be your dedicated chief advocate for the best utilization of these county assets.  We have our military bases, our Port, our educational facilities, established and emerging businesses, and our rural and coastal areas.  With the right leadership, these assets can be evaluated, developed, and managed such that Nueces County becomes the new regional economic powerhouse in Texas.

What Matters to Me
  • Attracting successful, new businesses to our community grows our tax base, and this is a sustainable long-term model for the success of Nueces County
  • I will work tirelessly to make certain our county’s assets are strategically evaluated, thoroughly developed, and properly managed so that our county will attract new businesses, invite greater investment, and thus realize its potential

Efficient Management

On day one, I will initiate a full and complete assessment to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of our managed county services and departments.  Your County Judge oversees veteran services, the county jail, the county court system, indigent care, behavioral health care, inland and coastal parks, county libraries, vehicle registrations, and so many other services and departments.  Every dollar I can save by the more efficient delivery of services is a dollar less in taxes paid.  It’s time for a fresh set of eyes to re-evaluate how Nueces County services and departments are managed so that our tax payers get the most for their money.

What Matters to Me
  • A community’s trust in its public servants to fairly and efficiently manage public monies is one of the most awesome responsibilities ever placed upon any person
  • I will constantly assure that your tax dollars are not wasted

Rural Needs

Our county’s rural areas should be a top priority.  To succeed, rural areas require good drainage and the access provided by our county roads.  We need an aggressive plan to address our drainage issues.  The best plan will come from collaborating with experts and others having significant interests in our rural areas, and with an understanding of our surrounding counties’ drainage needs.  A well-designed and maintained drainage infrastructure will substantially improve the utility of our rural lands.  Improved drainage will permit better access to harvest farm crops, and allow marketing of our more remote locations for economic development. 

What Matters to Me
  • Rural areas may be developed to increase the size of our tax base
  • Rural areas may serve as an inland port to provide supporting services and infrastructure to the Port of Corpus Christi (warehouses, rail yards, etc.)
  • Our rural areas offer open spaces, and these open spaces must be strategically viewed as revenue opportunities rather than unproductive properties
  • Our county roads must always remain in service – for our residents, farmers, businesses, law enforcement, firefighters, and for our community’s safety


Nueces County is at the epicenter of a Texas energy renaissance.  I have served three (3) terms as a Commissioner for the Port of Corpus Christi, and thus I have actively participated in governing the Port’s support for tens of billions of dollars’ worth of energy-related investments.  I am a strong advocate for our continuing success as the United States’ number one exporter of domestic crude oil.  I am also a strong advocate for the further development and utilization of renewable forms of energy (wind, solar, and geothermal).  As your next Nueces County Judge, I will make certain that a fair share of the dollars earned in Nueces County bring prosperity to residents of Nueces County

What Matters to Me
  • As your Port Commissioner, I am routinely involved with the decision-making processes relating to new docks, pipelines, land acquisitions, easements, renewable energy sourcing, and other critical thinking for the planning, construction, and management of the infrastructure necessary to serve the Port’s customers
  • Right now, six new pipelines are being developed to add millions of barrels to our existing volumes of Permian crude oil exports
  • A fair share of the new revenues generated need to be paid in higher wages to employees, to executives that live in Nueces County, and to local vendors (engineers, technicians, etc.) who provide supporting services
  • This present energy renaissance has to be good for Nueces County, and good for all of its residents

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